Wanna try APP window shopping?

After a decade of experimenting in software product development, we have done the unthinkable! Standardising feature-based app development costs.


Sounds crazy right!


Our Expertise

Delivery Apps


Real Estate

Desktop - 29.png
$ 17225 
Desktop - 30.png
$ 11788 
Desktop - 28.png
$ 18975 

As featured in


Desktop - 32.png
$ 19475 
Desktop - 33.png
$ 16038 
Desktop - 31.png
$ 16850 


Receiving Idea2Poc Grant from Minister of IT, Mr Priyanka Kharge
Delivered LMS application to BCCI
Felicitation of Top-10 startups in Innovate for Digital India by Late President of India, Shri. Pran
Our key works showcased on NDTV's GadgetGuru show.
Receiving award from Shri.Ravishankar Prasad, Union Minister of IT.

How we work

We're a team of experienced content writers, designers, engineers, testers and product managers. We'll carefully translate your vision into a product.

Step - 1

Draft SOW

Determine Scope, Timeline & Cost 



Desktop - 36 (1).png
$ 15925 
music stream app development cost.png
$ 14725 

Pharma & Medicine

doctor appaointment ap development cost.png
$ 19663 
online pharmacy app development cost.png
$ 15413 

Ticket Booking

flight booking app development cost.png
$ 16600 
Event discovery app development cost.png
$ 11288 
bus booking app development cost.png
$ 17538 

What Clients Say

"Captured our requirement very precisely. Although our requirement changed over time, they accomodated changes and delivered on time."
- Sujit Somasundar, Head Coach NCA, BCCI


furniture app development cost.png
$ 14350 
watch ecommerce app development cost.png
$ 14350