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Meat App

Meat application is a platform which is perfect for meat lovers. The meat is freshly cut after the order is received and is freshly sourced every day. It is free of harmful chemicals and antibiotics, locally produced and is super-healthy.

Roles & Definition

Someone who has complete access to all objects, folders, role templates, and groups in the system.


Someone who engages with the services that are provided in the app.

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Super Admin

Someone who monitors the activities involved in managing or organizing both the customer and delivery agent duties.

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Someone whose job is to deliver a product to the customer on time.

Delivery agent

Customer sitemap

The user mobile application provides search option, bill payments, complaints, visitors list, connect with neighbors, bookings and much more.

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Delivery agent sitemap

The delivery agent mobile application notifies the agent about the order to be delivered and navigates the agent to the user location. it includes features like delivery history, support and profile.

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Admin Sitemap

The admin team will have access to a web portal with a host of features like a dashboard, user management, verifying and onboarding the delivery agents, inventory management, role management, support and much more.

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User Interface Design

Design focuses on anticipating what users might need to do and ensuring that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate those actions.

Onboarding Screens

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Group 34585.png
Group 34586.png
Group 34587.png
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Home page

Categories page

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iPhone XS Max Space Gray Mockup-2.png

Product description page

Profile screen

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A feature is a distinctive trait or a special attraction. Feature can also mean to give special attention to something.

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User Mobile App

  • Category-wise product listing

  • Add to cart

  • Select delivery address

  • Order Meat & Sea food

  • Pay online or choose COD

  • Cancel order

  • Rate and review products and delivery agent

  • View and download invoice

  • Ratings and reviews /Customer support

Delivery agent mobile app

  • Registration module

  • View order

  • Navigation to user location

  • Accept payments

  • View delivery history

  • Support

  • Role management

  • Managing advertisements

  • View complete booking history / Help and support

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Admin Web portal

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  • Dashboard with useful statistics

  • User creation and management: Users, delivery agents and admins

  • Delivery agent verification and approval

  • Role management

  • Inventory management: Listing and updating items

  • Creating advertisements

  • Facilities management

  • Help and support

  • View all open and closed orders


Project deliverables
Project deliverables
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Group 34583 (1).png
Group 34583 (1).png
Group 34583 (1).png

App distribution into Playstore & App Store

Source Code

UI/UX screens (.fig & png)
Test Case document

Scope of work document (.doc & .pdf)

Admin Web Application

Delivery Agent App- Android, IOS

Customer Mobile App- Android & IOS

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Group 34583 (1).png
Group 34583 (1).png
Group 34583 (1).png

App deployment into server

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SMS, Email & Payment gateway integration

Tech Stack

Mobile Front End

Flutter / React Native

Amazon SES   

Mail Server

Back End


Google FCM   




Twilio / Gupshup   

SMS Gateway

Amazon S3


Macbook Pro Mockup (15 inch).png

Cloudflare / Godaddy   

Firewall & SSL

Web Front End

React.Js / Next.Js / Flutter   


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