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Success Stories

We succeed when our clients achieve their goal.

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Online Patient-doctor Consultation Application

Hospinity is a one-stop solution where patients can connect with doctors, nurses, and also get lab reports in no time. We designed and developed the application for them end-to-end of all the verticals.

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Shwe Nan Taw

Shopping jewellery made easy

This e-commerce application helps users browse precious metals and buy jewellery in a single click. We got the opportunity to build the application from scratch from design to development.

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A platform where mentee’s and mentor’s connect

A platform where learners and educators can connect and share knowledge on their topic of expertise. We helped build the web application with from design to development. Mentee’s can book sessions with mentor’s anytime.

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School Management Application

An application for students and teachers for easy management of homework, classwork, and all things school. We took the responsibility of designing, developing and testing the application from start to finish.

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Madhu Medicals

Medicine Booking Platform

We had the opportunity to build an application for users to order medicals online. Users can browse medicines available in the store and place and order for the medicines to be delivered on time. We managed the design and development of the application from beginning to end.    

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A Platform for the Weaver Community

A B2B service platform for the weavers community. Users can view vendors, add on wishlist and also choose from various subscription plans. Designing and developing of this application was managed solely by us.

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Zydus Cadila

KPI Tracking tool

We built a tool that helps track sales data in real time to achieve the KPIs for Zydus Cadila. The tool can now track performance of 100+ medical representatives in real-time!

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Progress Tracker Tool

The application keeps track of the inventory of the number of meteres installed in the city. We along with our experienced team built the applicaiton that would keep track of the inventory in real-time

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